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2016 Sori Paitin Barbaresco “Sori Paitin”


This big red carries the tradition of a winemaker finding his favorite plot in the vineyard for the most special wines they make. The eponymous Sori Paitin plot is within the larger (and rather popular) Serraboella area within Barbaresco, and it is certainly at the top of the heap – it is actually at the highest point in the vineyard area! Here, the snow melts fastest, the sun hits hardest, and the vines planted have every opportunity to make the best nebbiolo fruit around.

Let this wine breathe and it will accompany the heartiest and boldest dishes we offer: Pappardelle or Lasagna alla Bolognese, Pizza Soppressata, a Raddichio Salad and a loaf of house-baked bread come to mind as an ideal meal!

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