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2012 Westrey Pinot Noir, Oracle Vineyard


Some vintages are just perfect, and 2012 was one of those vintages in the Willamette Valley: a good growing season with a slow, gradual cooling pattern into fall let nicely ripened pinot noir grapes hang a bit longer on the vine and develop fully. Winemakers got to pick when they wanted without threatening precipitation or a late heat wave, and the results were well suited to each winemaker’s style.

Westrey got to show off with this perfect vintage, and this wine is now at its peak of development. Dark, ripe fruit notes mix with earthy tones and soft herbal nuance. This wine got a substantial bit of oak aging, which lends some bold spicy tones (but very well integrated and mellowed after 8 years!) No need to decant or breathe: open this one up and enjoy with your favorite meal!

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