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Covid-19 Protocols

CIBO is developing procedures, policies, and protocols to operate safely with the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. CIBO will continue to examine and optimize these practices as we move forward.

Safe Work Culture

COVI-19 prevention at work starts with safe practices outside of work.

Employee & Employer honesty and transparency is the most valuable prevention tool. 

Managers must talk to employees, informing them of recommended OHA recommended social distancing and hygiene procedures.

Staff who are not following best practices should not be permitted to work.

Staff should also be encouraged to let management know if their housemates are displaying Covid-19 or Flu-like symptoms. Employees should be informed they will be allowed to use sick leave and stay home without penalty if they have personal concern for their health or consider themselves a risk because of their living situation.

Hygiene Oversight Staffing

A Hygiene Oversight supervisor should be hired with exclusive job responsibilities for oversight, monitoring and implementation of hygiene protocol; this employee should report directly to the owner.


To control transmission risk staff should be scheduled in regular shifts retaining the same people, in the same area of work.

  • Ex. Worker A, B, & C work Wed,Thu, Fri / Worker D, E, & F work Sat, Sun, Mon. If worker A displays symptoms, worker B & C may be asked to stay home as well. 
  • Staff should not be switched between front-of-house and back-of-house tasks during their shift (customer service / food prep / delivery). 

Restaurants should re-organize their physical spaces to allow for multiple cleaning and sanitizer stations and ease of cleaning. 

  • Examples: Grouping phone, POS system, & Computer together with sanitizing spray (70% alcohol) & hand sanitizer, so that employees are encouraged to clean them regularly and sanitize their hands before and after use. 
  • Create clean/dirty pen containers – akin to stirring spoons. Sanitize pens when out of clean ones.
  • Designate strict clean areas. Do not permit personal or unsanitized items in these spaces, reserve for food and food containers only.  Sanitize areas regularly during shift.
  • Reserve 70% alcohol spray bottle & hand sanitizer station for each zone of the restaurant (kitchen, pickup window, delivery entrance, POS station). Along with paper towels & trash bin.

Transactions & Pickup

To prevent contact with cards or cash, restaurants should set up an online ordering and payment system & require purchasing be made online or by phone. To prevent crowding at the pickup location, Customers should be provided with a specific pickup time.  The pickup location should have a setup and signage that encourages 6ft of spacing and a waiting area separate from the pickup area. The pickup location should discourage the customer from coming into close contact with restaurant workers – a window or open door with a table or barrier in front to prevent the customer from entering the establishment or touching door handles is preferable.

Appointed Hygiene Supervisor Daily Protocol 


  • Prep bleach buckets & rags, distribute around the restaurant.
  • Make sure each cleaning station is prepped with alcohol spray, sanitizer, paper towels, & trash bin.
  • Make sure PPE station is stocked with sanitizer, gloves, & masks.
  • Wipe down computer screens / keyboards / handles (door, freezer, cabinet, etc.) and any regularly touched surfaces (anything that doesn’t go through dishwasher)
  • Sterilize any pens to be used during shift. 
  • As employees arrive the manager should…
    • Ask each employee if they experienced fever, sore throat, runny nose and any other general cold and flu symptoms
      • Provide staff with necessary PPE (masks & gloves).

During Shift

  • Remind staff to follow hygiene protocol
  • Monitor restaurant operations for adherence to hygiene protocol
  • Monitor employee behavior and ensure best practices are maintained
  • Sanitize commonly touched items regularly during shift – require others to do the same.


  • Check in with employees, confirm surfaces have been wiped down and PPE is properly disposed.
  • Regularly conduct hygiene performance reviews and interviews with employees.
  • Regularly review establishment hygiene procedures, ask employees for input and make improvements or adjustments as necessary.

Employee Hygiene protocol


  • If you are sick, or someone in your household is sick, do not come to work and contact your manager immediately.
  • Wear freshly washed clothes to work.
  • As soon as you are in the door, wash hands and sanitize your phones, beverage containers, and any personal items you may be touching during your shift.
  • Check in with the Hygiene Manager, receive PPE.


  • Behave as if you or any customer or co-worker could be infected.
    • Wear a mask. Line mask with Kleenex and replace the kleenex every 4 hours; Do not touch the mask front with your hands, and if you do, wash your hands;
    • Be conscious of what you touch, sanitize hands regularly when switching between tasks.
    • If you cough, cough into cupped hands and wash your hands immediately;
    • If you touch your face, wash your hands.
    • When it’s slow, wash your hands.
  • Sanitize hands after handling cash or credit card.
  • Wash hands & wear gloves before handling to-go containers, folding boxes, prepping non food items.


  • Wipe down all surfaces used by you during the course of your shift (you know best what you touched). 
  • Dispose of gloves and masks (do not re-use). 
  • Check in with the Hygiene Supervisor
  • Continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene outside of work. 

Delivery Drivers

  • Sanitize hands and wipe down regular contact areas of the car before shift (handles, seatbelt, steering wheel, etc.) 
  • Wear gloves and mask while delivering.
  • Collect orders via customer pickup window. If you come inside the restaurant, replace your mask.
  • On delivery, avoid contact with customers & door handles. Have a sanitizing wipe in your hands and use it to avoid directly touching the door handles, keys etc.
  • Call customers to let them know their order is ready, and placing order on the porch or in front of their door is preferable. 

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