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Cibo is Marco Frattaroli’s Shining Second Act

CIBO, THE HIP YOUNG sister of NW 21st’s long-standing Bastas, opened in July of this year along a stretch of SE Division that seems to have investors spraying fire hoses of cash into every broken window and abandoned cobbler… Read More

Offering Portland diners a supremely unique taste of Italy.

Portland, Oregon (July 3, 2012) – Cibo (pronounced chee-bo; Italian for “food”) is now open on Portland’s flourishing SE Division Street. Cibo focuses on hand-pulled pizzas and garbanzo-based cecinas baked in a traditional Ligurian oven and a seasonally changing… Read More

Cibo’s every detail has been lovingly planned and executed.

One of the most exciting things about Portland’s vibrant food scene is the opportunity for seasoned chefs to explore new ideas in spinoff restaurants. These “second spots” are often more casual than their big siblings, billed as neighborhood eateries… Read More

Special pizza oven lends warmth to offshoot of Basta

Reverently brought to the table is a serving platter of salt, the kind of gentle mound that resembles Lot’s wife on a bad day. Slowly, carefully, the white hill is brushed away, a layer of cheesecloth is peeled… Read More

Italian with the whole hog… and rabbit, and chicken, and cow…

Authentic Tuscan cooking involves the delicate art of creating complex flavors from simple ingredients and utilizing every part of the animal… all while hunting womp rats and avoiding that annoying Ben Kenobi dude. For an authentic taste of… Read More

Chef Marco on Koin TV

Chef Marco Frattaroli teaches us how to make fried anchovies on Koin TV! Video below: [youtube]QxtdiAYhCJg[/youtube]  

Weekly Historic Specials

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we’ll be resurrecting menu favorites and prices from past menus throughout the year. Specials will be announced each week, so to stay up on dates and dishes, follow Bastas Trattoria on Facebook… Read More

“Bastas has lasted so long because of its location, its pan-regional Italian food and Frattaroli’s gregarious personality.”

–Michael Russell, Dining Editor for The Oregonian

“Dedicated to local, and house-made ingredients, [Basta’s] was quite unusual for its time. That kind of effort, especially spanning more than two decades, qualifies as heroic.”

–Kathleen Bauer, Good Stuff NW / Freelance writer

“Native Italian Marco Frattaroli is passionate about food from his land and it shows.”

— Food Dude, Portland Food and Drink